Teal Temptation

Teal Temptation

Cornwall, Ontario • Basement Bathroom Renovation • Full-Gut Remodel


About the Project

Clients bought a home in the popular #riverdale neighborhood in #cornwallontario and one of the first things on their list was gutting the basement bathroom because it was.. well… pretty fugly and dirty. Dated, tired, used up, sketchy carpet, with malfunctioning toilet were all words to describe this vintage ’50’s basement powder room. The other glaring issue was the door to the bathroom opened up directly into the family room..brrr #bad idea!

What I initially thought were vintage retro ceramic tiles, which to be honest got me a little excited, turned out to be plastic tiles! Ah yes the 50’s – the era of plastic everything haha. Armed with a wish list for a new and larger bathroom with a shower, I set out to recreate this bathroom to give them all the modern luxury amenities for today’s living. They also have 2 large dogs and my thought was also a place large enough to wash the fur-legged creatures (pun!)

As avid sports and outdoor enthusiasts I knew I wanted to bring that outdoor ‘green’ into the bathroom. Behold the vibrant teal shower tiles. These tiles are soooo nice in person and to the touch. They have a slight artisanal quality to them that gives them an organic aesthetic. Perfect for ‘natural’ tendencies. The black vanity and custom corner shelves became the perfect foil to the green and complemented their modern, young and energetic vibe. The black finish will also stand up a bit better to daily bumps and 2 dogs – especially at bath time.

Heated floors ensure toasty toes (and paws) all year round and a comfortable exit from the shower.


What They Wanted

  • A remodelled and larger bathroom including a large curbless shower
  • A modern, clean aesthetic
  • Better storage options
  • New colour palette

What We Did

  • Re-designed and expanded the bathroom to include a large shower and proper vanity for countertop and storage capacity
  • Changed the location and orientation of the door to make it more discreet
  • Specified a curbless shower entry for an added modern level of luxury
  • Designed a proper lighting plan increasing lighting for a room with no window
  • Upgraded ventilation unit for maximum efficiency
  • Selected large format tile for the floor for ease of maintenance
  • Specified modern hex tile for shower floor for maximum slip resistance
  • Included in-floor heat for year-round toasty toes and comfortable shower exit
  • Created the WOW factor with this incredible artisanal quality teal green rectangular tile
  • Specified vertical installation for tile for a modern look
  • Designed custom outside corner shelves to make use of ‘dead’ space
  • All accessories in square shape for a cohesive and consistent modern flair

What They're Loving

  • A beautiful, functional full-service 3-piece bathroom
  • A large shower for both ‘hoo-mans’ and doggies
  • A sexy curbless shower entry
  • Lots of good lighting for a room with no windows
  • …and the WOW factor they were looking for!

Get an inside look at the behind-the-scenes work to make this fabulous #modernbathroom and the BEFORE & AFTER here.

“Can’t even tell you how happy we are with the bathroom, it’s night and day to what it was before 😅”

—Katherine & Ryan / Cornwall, Ont.