Architectural Detailing

Architectural Detailing

Architectural details—from columns and carvings, mouldings and millwork to surface detailing and embellishments—can help define areas in open-concept spaces, disguise mechanical installations, carry a specific style from exterior to interior, and add in the lost charm. Most importantly, they can add striking focal points or subtle gorgeous personality to not-so-memorable spaces.

Create New or Enhance Old

Architectural detailing is to your home what jewelry is to an outfit. It elevates everything and “everything” is in the details. Details can evoke an architectural style whether modern, traditional, vintage or Victorian. They can create special touches in a room or on a building’s façade. Whether ornate or restrained, classic or contemporary, architectural detailing is definitely worth exploring and incorporating into your plans.

Sensitive to Style

Architectural design and details are important to get right to convey and support the style of the building. Consideration of the original building’s architectural style and finish materials is important to seamlessly and sympathetically blend old with new, making it look intentional and as if it was ‘always there’. Getting this right and executing it properly can protect and increase the value of your home.

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