Finishing Touches & Styling

Finishing Touches & Styling

Styling is essential. It’s this layer that takes a space from feeling a bit flat to feeling finished, special, and truly designed. Our approach is to layer your space with your history. We strive to blend old with new, incorporating a special family piece that has sentimental meaning, and are experts at blending different design aesthetics for couples who don’t quite ‘agree’ on everything. We’ll inject your personality throughout with specially curated accessories such as mirrors, wall art, objects, pillows, and so much more.

Your Home Come to Life

Whether you’ve just built your forever home or just want to freshen things up a bit, it’s the finishing touches that make a house a home. Our keen eye for detail and our unique sources for products—not found en masse—are what will set your home apart and reflect your personality. We’ll manage all the details from start to finish and you’ll get to experience a magazine-worthy, finally finished home

Scale and Proportion

Scale, proportion, colour, texture, placement and quantity are all important elements that we consider when creating your Finishing Touches plan. While furnishings fill up a room, they don’t create the ambiance of a room. It’s the small objects, sentimental mementos, unique pieces gathered from travels, and a perfect piece of art that all contribute to making a room feel finished and luxurious. Working all of these elements together requires a keen eye for detail and a special skill set to elevate your room or home to its full potential.

Anne-Marie brought in pieces that I could never have dreamed of, and every little accessory is just right.

—Carole A. / Cornwall, Ont.

Finishing Touches & Styling Projects

Getting the Details Right

Your home should not look like you just bought out your local home goods store. We’ll carefully select and layer different types of accessories to create the story of you. We can often seamlessly blend some of your existing pieces with new pieces to create that final luxurious touch.


Thinking about a project?

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My partner and I have different design styles and tastes—how can you make that work?

We have keen intuition and listen intently, as much for what is said as for what isn’t said. We quietly observe partner interactions and body language. to pick up on subtleties, and translate them into a design aesthetic that is sure to please everyone.

A great example of this is our project Worth The Wait. One partner loved and wanted Old World European influences while the other was drawn to industrial design aesthetic. We successfully delivered this project to their amazement and delight.

How will you figure out my style?

We have several tools at our disposal to do just that! Over and above inspiration photos that you might share with us, we created our own Design Style Assessment form for our clients to complete. This is a great first step in distilling down your design aesthetic and is a useful tool to discover what you like and don’t like.

We’ll review the form with you and ask more detailed questions based on your answers to really understand your preferences. We refer back to your completed assessment throughout the design process for your project.

People comment all the time how perfect and pretty my home is now.

—Carole A. / Cornwall, Ont.