Universal Design and Aging-in-Place

Universal Design and Aging-in-Place

Universal design is built on seven principles—all focused on the design of a home that can function at its best in any situation. A renovation with universal design at its core will have a positive impact on every member of the family from crawling babies to aging parents. It’s a win-win on so many levels.

Love your home a little longer.

You’ve spent a lifetime creating memories in a home you cherish. When a sudden injury happens or illness progresses it can be destabilizing for an individual and their family. Our experience in designing homes and spaces to deal with these life changes is based on design that embraces safety and convenience supported by invisible elements.

Professional and sensitive.

We understand that being confronted with a diagnosis is very personal and sometimes distressing. We remain sensitive to this and are gentle in our approach in asking required questions to assess the situation so that we can create the right design to support you. We encourage you to have a trusted member of your circle be present during our consultations as they may be able to add additional perspective regarding your situation.

Anne-Marie was able to successfully coordinate and execute our reno in a timely fashion.

—Maria C. / Summerstown, Ont.

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Planning is the key to being able to transition through life’s challenges.

You’ve spent a lifetime creating memories in your home—wouldn’t you like to stay there as long as you can?

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The entire experience was amazing from start to finish.

—Trent C-E. / Long Sault, Ont.