Full-Service Interior Design

Full-Service Interior Design

We start with the bones of the space and build your dreams from there.

All of our services begin with an initial in-home consultation to get a deep, essential understanding of your home, design style, and your needs. Backed by an extensive construction background, our team knows the devil is in the details.

We’ll be with you from start to finish, handling a full suite of services including space planning, cabinetry design, lighting design, architectural detailing, detailed schematics and specifications, and visual charts. The complete set of project documents for your contractor or our Design/Build team. To fully round out your project, custom furnishings and full-service decorating are the finishing touches that beautifully complete your vision.

No more being overwhelmed.

Just the beautiful, inviting, and finally finished home you have always desired.

We provide turn-key service for your project starting with the initial design concepts and continuing all the way to the final finishing details of furnishing and styling your space for a fabulous photo finish!

Keeping YOU in mind.

Good design takes time. It’s important to us to get to know you and do a full design style assessment to understand your design aesthetic and your project goals. As part of your team, we appreciate being involved from the early planning stages, before architectural plans are finalized. Our vast experience adds a global vision to the project, incorporating not only the architectural components but also the functions of spaces so all aspects of your lifestyle, present and future are thoughtfully considered.

Your professionalism was beyond our expectations and your punctuality refreshing. Your attention to detail and open communication with us, during our total home renovation, was so appreciated. Our house is now our home.

—Debra P. / Summerstown, Ont.

The Process

  1. Programming & Pre-Construction

    For either new construction or remodeling projects, we’ll collect all necessary information and carefully analyze the data to identify any potential issues. With this information, we will then suggest effective solutions for the design phase. After taking site measurements we can assess whether any additional engineering services might be needed prior to the design phase.

  2. Design Development & Schematics

    Our preliminary design concepts include options where possible. We will select appropriate materials and finishes, and prepare a visual concept board to support our design intent. We’ll walk you through the technical aspects and provide 3D views to help you visualize the final outcome. We’re excited to show your beautiful new space come to life!

  3. Project Documents

    This phase is about organizing the data collected and finalizing plans, schematic details, architectural materials and specifications that create the Project Documents. These documents provide the necessary information for those working on your project to execute our vision. It is a ‘living’ document that may undergo changes as the build progresses. We have found that effective communication is key to successfully implementing change orders and keeping the project on track.

  4. Project Administration

    Congratulations, your project is underway! This phase concentrates on material procurements and associated administrative tasks as well as project oversight. Even with adequate preparation, unexpected site conditions may emerge, necessitating swift decision-making and immediate action, crucial to keeping a project on track. We maintain open communication lines with the trades, answering any queries to guarantee project success.

  5. Furnishings & Accessories

    With all of the home’s architectural components decided, it’s now time to concentrate on interior furnishings and soft details that will further showcase your personal style. We’ll focus on furniture layouts, select all of the appropriate pieces, and coordinate fabrics, window coverings, accents and accessories. We’ll create a cohesive look for each room and balance beauty, function and comfort. You will be able to review and approve all materials and finish samples; the only hard part now is waiting for everything to arrive. We’ll take care of all the details from selections to installation. Your patience will be rewarded when you walk into your beautiful home and see how perfectly it reflects you and your family!

Full-Service Interior Design Projects

We’re with you every step of the way.

As part of your team, we appreciate being involved from the early planning stages before architectural plans are finalized. Our vast experience in delivering successful projects adds a global view and vision to the project not only from the architectural component but also to the function of spaces so they indeed take into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle, present and future. We have a great relationship with our trades which goes a long way to executing a project and reducing the stress associated with a new construction or renovation project.

Thinking about a project?

We'd love to hear about it.

When should we call an interior designer?

An interior designer can ensure that your vision is professionally executed, helping you plan a space that reflects your style and functions as needed. We have the experience to make your dream space a reality using trade knowledge, trusted sources, and detail-oriented project management.

We don’t have a contractor—can you recommend one?

Absolutely! We have our own trusted team of vetted trades. This relationship matters because they know how we work, we know what they need to get the job done, and our communication styles have already been developed.

Once your project documents are completed we’ll schedule a meeting to introduce everyone and review plans. This is a great opportunity for anyone to ask questions and get clarifications on the project, plans and timelines. We’ll share how our projects unfold every step of the way.

Can you work with my contractor?

Certainly! A great relationship with a firm goes a long way to creating a successful project and easing stress levels for everyone. Once our Project Documents are completed, we’ll request that we have at least one meeting with all parties involved to introduce ourselves and review plans and project documents.

This will help your contractor become familiar with the project before shovels hit the ground, and give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications.

Anne-Marie provided the highest level of service and we would not have been able to achieve these results without her.

—Paul & Céline / Ottawa, Ont.