Design Services

Design Services

We specialize in finding opportunities to customize every layer of a space—from thoughtful layouts to subtly flattering lighting to the perfect closet design.

Whether you’re looking to reinvent a kitchen or a bathroom or redefine the style of your home, our well-honed, joyful process will take you smoothly from “just a rough idea” to “we had no idea it could be this amazing.”

How It Works

We love a good plan


We’ll keep you informed, solve problems on your behalf, and keep track of literally hundreds of details. You’ll never have to wonder about the status of your project.


Remove “manage renovation headache” from
your to-do list.
We ensure our projects run smoothly with next-level organization and direct access to the best trades in the area.


We don’t disappear when the dust settles.
We’ll stay involved for any replacements, questions, and last-minute changes until the space is perfect.

Not only a beautiful space for us, but one that is much, MUCH more functional.

—Dan / Ottawa, Ont.

Sheridan Interiors Full Service Interior Design Services

Full-Service Interior Design

For Construction and Renovation

We start with the bones of the space and build your dreams from there.

All of our services begin with an initial in-home consultation to get a feel for your space and gain a deeper understanding of your style, and your needs. Backed by an extensive construction background, our team knows the devil is in the details.

We’ll be with you from start to finish, handling a full suite of services including space planning, cabinetry design, lighting design, architectural detailing, full specifications lists and visual charts, and of course, custom furnishings and decorating as the finishing touch. We provide you with quality materials from our trusted vendors as well as our vetted trades to execute the project.

Sheridan Interiors Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen and Bath Design

Designing Your Home’s Essentials

When everything functions flawlessly, your day is simply better.

And this is most true in kitchens and baths—your most often-used spaces and biggest renovation investments. With a bit of expertise and attention to a few hundred tiny-but-important details, they can transform how your home feels and how you feel in it.

Led by a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, we speak the language of your home’s most elemental spaces. We come equipped with an extensive knowledge of code requirements, a vast library of products and trades, and a well-rounded understanding of installations—all working in tandem to truly bring out the potential in your space.

Her choices were very much in line with what we had been hoping for—we very much respect her skills and competence.


Stunning spaces—built layer by layer.

Anne-Marie was very transparent and communication was on point.

—Maria / Summerstown, Ont.

Thinking about a project?

Tell us about it.

When should we call an interior designer?

An interior designer can ensure that your vision is professionally executed, helping you plan a space that reflects your style and functions as needed. We have the experience to make your dream space a reality using trade knowledge, trusted sources, and detail-oriented project management.

We don’t have a contractor—can you recommend one?

Absolutely! We have our own trusted team of vetted trades. This relationship matters because they know how we work, we know what they need to get the job done, and our communication styles have already been developed.

Once your project documents are completed we’ll schedule a meeting to introduce everyone and review plans. This is a great opportunity for anyone to ask questions and get clarifications on the project, plans and timelines. We’ll share how our projects unfold every step of the way.

Can you work with my contractor?

Certainly! A great relationship with a firm goes a long way to creating a successful project and easing stress levels for everyone. Once our Project Documents are completed, we’ll request that we have at least one meeting with all parties involved to introduce ourselves and review plans and project documents.

This will help your contractor become familiar with the project before shovels hit the ground, and give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications.

Having Anne-Marie take on all the creativity has been instrumental in realizing the look we were seeking.

—Catherine / Williamstown, Ont.