Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

A bathroom project is an opportunity to create the perfect space for you—with details that will make all the difference as you move through your mornings and wind down at night. These projects are also wildly complex—with multiple types of plumbing and fixtures sharing the same space, ventilation requirements, slip factor, flush systems and more. Lighting is essential. Custom style is a must. And your bathroom should work beautifully for you as the years pass. This is our area of expertise and we’re with you from start to finish…and beyond.

Create a bathroom oasis.

Clients expect their bathrooms to function and work as hard as their kitchens do. Bathrooms can energize with new state-of-the-art technology and restore calm at the end of the day, when you need it most. With our up-to-date knowledge about all things bathroom, we can guarantee the bathroom of your dreams.

Every detail considered.

Bathroom design requires careful consideration of many variables beyond just the basics. We take all aspects into account to create a functional, safe and beautiful bathroom that meets your needs. Our practical solutions will enhance your bathroom’s efficiency and make it more enjoyable for all to use. Whether you’re upgrading your existing bathroom or creating a new one, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Anne-Marie’s clear vision to create the ‘wow’ factor went over and above our expectations.

—Dan & Sylvia B. / Cornwall, Ont.

The Process

  1. The Consultation

    Every project starts with an in-home consultation to view the space, discuss your needs, likes, dislikes, current challenges with the space, and design aesthetic. We’ll do a deep dive with you to know, and see, what’s working or not working, and provide solid real-time suggestions on how we can improve your bathroom.

  2. Design Development & Schematics

    After having measured your space, we’ll develop preliminary design concepts, offering options where possible. We will then research and select materials and finishes, and prepare a visual concept board to support our design intent. We’ll walk you through the technical aspects and provide 3D views to help you visualize the final outcome. We’re excited to show you your beautiful new bathroom come to life!

  3. Project Documents

    This phase is about organizing all of the data collected and finalizing the plan set, schematic details, architectural components and specifications that create the Project Documents. These documents provide the necessary information for those working on your project to execute our vision.

  4. Project Administration

    Once your project is scheduled we concentrate on material procurements and associated administrative tasks, as well as project oversight once underway. Despite adequate preparation, unexpected site conditions may emerge, necessitating swift decision making and immediate action crucial to keeping a project on track. We maintain open communication lines with trades, answering any queries to keep the project on track and guarantee success. We’ll make site visits at various intervals to monitor progress and ensure that the project is being executed as per the plans.

  5. Finishing Touches

    Now that all the hard work is done and the dust has settled, allow us to curate and add the finishing touches to your bathroom. Trust us to handle all the details to create an elegant and relaxing space and the dreamy oasis you’ve been waiting for.

Bathroom Design Projects

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