Blue Crush

Blue Crush

Cornwall, Ontario • Remodel


About the Project

A DIY rescue that created the perfect oasis for a young couple.

With a new bathroom layout planned out and all of their new fixtures purchased, the clients found themselves in a bit of a jam when it came time to pull together all of the elements and new finishes for their bathroom project. In all fairness, they took the initiative to go out and search and attempt to coordinate the finishes themselves but quickly became overwhelmed with the myriad of selections available. They enlisted help from their local supply store yet nothing presented resonated with the look and feel they wanted. They knew what they didn’t like when presented with it, but they didn’t know how to get to the ‘OH-MY-GOD-I-LOVE-IT’ stage.

That’s when the clients reached out to me for help to come up with a plan and design vision to reflect how they wanted the room to feel.

We had several in-depth conversations about the ‘look and feel’ they were after and I could tell by the Mrs. reaction recounting the different outings they’d made to look for materials that not only were they not finding what they thought they wanted but it was a lot of information to process when they didn’t have a clue how it was all going to come together.


What They Wanted

  • Help with putting together and pulling together all of their purchased bathroom fixtures and finish materials
  • Selecting and coordinating finishes
  • Clean, coordinated, bright, and classy bathroom
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • A sense of luxury

What We Did

  • Rescued this DIY project!
    Worked with their existing layout plan.
  • Discussed in greater detail the types of materials seen in local supply stores and what wasn’t working (read more about that here)
  • With a greater understanding of what outcome they were looking for; selected and coordinated all hard finishes; floor and wall tile, decorative tile, quartz, countertop
  • Great attention to all material intersection points to keep space water-tight
  • Developed paint colour palette
    Selected and specified accessories and art
  • Created and presented concept boards to support our design intent
  • Coordinated contractor and trades for implementation
  • Procurement, project management, installation, styling

What They Got

  • A bold yet serene contemporary bathroom that will be relevant for years to come
  • A beautiful zero-entry shower
  • A very functional bathroom with easy clean surfaces
  • A well-layered lighting scene
  • Stress-free renovation with proper planning that created excitement at the design and outcome


Learn more about how we rescued this DIY project here!

The attention to detail is evident.

—Matt & Francine / Cornwall, Ontario