Sheridan Interiors, Modern Basement Bathroom

Anne-Marie was great to work with, she gave us lots of design options to start with when we were a bit clueless about where to begin, and helped us refine our choices to finish with an end product that we couldn’t be more pleased with!

Katherine M. / Cornwall, Ont.

Dan R Testimonial

So happy to have found you on Houzz. The reviews were spot on and you were such a pleasure to work with. I went into this reno with just a couple of basic ideas (sleek and minimalistic fireplace) and you helped translate that into the style we installed throughout and I love it! Modern but nothing that will go out of style in 2 yrs. Thank you so much for pulling everything together and helping us achieve our dream home!

— Dan R. / Ottawa, Ont.

Brenda S Testimonial

I’m very proud of you and hope you’re proud of yourself for the great work you do, not only in your line of work but also to write and put your newsletter together. It was awesome and a great read, congrats and keep on posting your job site photos as well, as I love to see the differences that you’ve done in people’s homes and places of business. Have a great day!

— Brenda S. / Cornwall, Ont.

Lee And Diane Testimonial

Lee and I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us while building our new home. Your kindness and generosity of time and expertise were very valuable to us. We would not have such a beautiful-looking home had it not been for your help. Thanks so much!

— Lee & Diane / Cornwall, Ont.

Dan R Testimonial Bravo

Just thought I would pass along some feedback I’ve gotten recently. At the end of the day when Lee dropped by he said they should try to get more work with you because you’ve been so well-organized and great to work with. Martin (the lead framer) commented on how precise the measurements were in your plans and how that was a refreshing change from the usual.

So Bravo Zulu!

— Dan R. / Ottawa, Ont.

Catherine G Testimonial

Anne-Marie, from Sheridan Interiors, has a great eye for design and conception while being very patient in providing helpful suggestions. Working with Anne-Marie solidified the benefits of having a professional designer to make our vision into reality.

Although we all can get ideas from magazines and Pinterest, having one designer, like Anne-Marie, take on all the creativity and make everything fit together, has been instrumental in realizing the look we were seeking in our log home; a non-traditional home.

Throughout our project, Anne-Marie and her team were truly creative which resulted in a superior final design. Our kitchen is exactly what we envisioned and even more! I would not hesitate to recommend Sheridan Interiors to anyone in need of a designer who is creative and meticulous

— Catherine G. / Williamstown, Ont.

Carole D Testimonial

It truly was a pleasure to work and learn from you. Although it was a long project, your infectious enthusiasm and your patience made the journey much smoother and enjoyable. Your attention to detail made our house a home and its warmth was reflected in the magazine article.

Catherine and I would like to thank you for such a lovely interior décor, all of your hard work, and for renovating our home so charmingly. We love it! The whole theme, designs, and colour combinations were absolutely fantastic. Anne-Marie, you started out as our designer but quickly became a friend. Hoping to work with you again on future projects.

— Carole D. / Williamstown, Ont.

Debra P Testimonial

Your professionalism was beyond our expectations and your punctuality refreshing. Your attention to detail and open communication with us, during our total home renovation, was so appreciated. Our house is now our home.

— Debra P. / Summerstown, Ont.

Robert B Testimonial

The house is simply AMAZING! We can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave us in setting up our brand-new home. The paint colour selection and furniture arrangement helped us get the most out of our space. You truly made the experience less stressful. The colours rock!

— Robert B. / Orleans, Ont.

Carolyn B Testimonial

Anne-Marie Brunet, the grand interior designer. Anne Marie’s interiors are ten-star. You want to just sit and relax by the fire, or have breakfast in the kitchen, and conversations in the great room.

— Carolyn B. / Burlington, VT

Celine And Paul M Testimonial

My husband and I hired Sheridan Interiors in June 2014 to provide design services on a new house build. We moved into the new home in May 2015. Anne Marie provided the highest level of services, from consultation on initial architectural design to lighting plans, to detailed kitchen design, colour choices, and basically the complete design of all interior space details.

She was easy to contact, made herself available, met deadlines required by our contractor, and is a pleasure to deal with. We really would not have been able to achieve what we have without Anne-Marie!

— Céline & Paul M. / Ottawa, Ont.

Kathy And Robin M Testimonial

We highly recommend Anne-Marie Brunet of Sheridan Interiors, Kitchens and Baths. Her professionalism was present from the first meeting and carried through to the end of our kitchen transformation.

The knowledge that Anne-Marie had in every facet of the renovation was evident from drawing up our new plans to helping choose paint colours.

Anne-Marie made this renovation easy for us by always providing a work schedule of contractors coming into our home and an estimated deadline after each stage.

We now have a wonderful new kitchen thanks to Anne-Marie and her dedication to her profession.

— Kathy & Robin M. / Finch, Ont.

Bette And Paul P Testimonial

We have used Anne-Marie Brunet’s services approximately six times over the past seven years. These services included window treatments and decorating advice. Having lived most of our lives in Toronto and having dealt with a number of high-end decorating professionals and businesses we did not expect to find the same expertise in the Cornwall area.

I’m pleased to say in every case the services provided by Anne-Marie have been extremely professional and have lived up to our high expectations.

— Bette & Paul P. / South Lancaster, Ont.

Joanne And Neil C Testimonial

Anne-Marie was so easy to work with. She did multiple projects for us. The first was helping with the exterior and interior design of our medical office building in 2008-2009. Our most recent project was a complete gut of our 1890s farmhouse, turning it into the masterpiece it is today. She designed all our kitchen cabinets, and other built-ins around the house, including a craft nook for our little girls.

Each project she did for us was a different style, yet she was comfortable working with all of them, and able to accommodate all of our needs, wants, and “must haves”. Her taste in colors is wonderful, I continue to get compliments on my wall colors in my living room and kitchen. In essence, she was great fun to work with, willing and able to work with our vision, and not once pressured us to change our mind about what we wanted to suit her ideas.

— Joanne & Neil C. / Massena, N.Y.

Kitchen Design Testimonial

Thank you so much for this idea book! I worry about how kitchen renovation ( still a few years of savings away) will last as my parents, my friends and I age. You have given me very practical ideas.

— ProfessorLilith on Houzz

Maitland Interior Design On Houzz Testimonial

Thank you so much for putting this article together. It took you a lot of thought and preparation. You sure did your homework. The information is so valuable.

— Maitland Interior Design on Houzz

Mflt123on Houzz Testimonial

Great ideas for planning a kitchen for our retirement home … thanks!

— mfl123on Houzz

Joanne C Testimonial

I have to say that you are ahead of the trend Anne-Marie Brunet, other than the glass tile (which we put in the bathroom!), you knocked my kitchen out of the park.

— Joanne C. / Massena, N.Y.

By Design Builders On Houzz Testimonial

Beautifully and skillfully done article!

— By Design Builders on Houzz

Granite Grannies On Houzz Testimonial

I love that you addressed a very specific kitchen need here. I’d never thought of this before. Definitely passing this along to our clients!

— Granite Grannies on Houzz

Jackson Stoneworks Houzz Testimonial

This is a great article I would like to share with the readers of Jackson Stoneworks’ weekly newsletter for members of our Granite Buyers Club. I will be 64 this year and am watching my mom learn to live with diminishing eyesight. These are great design kitchen ideas that we recommend to our customers.

— Jackson Stoneworks on Houzz

Kitchen Designer Sheridan Interiors

Thank you, thank you, thank you – for this idea book! It’s incredibly helpful and I learned about options I never knew existed.

— Jcanost on Houzz

Pattimay On Houzz

THANK YOU SO MUCH for such very important information. I have noticed this with my mother saying everything is too dark. Now I will be more aware of it for our home.

— Pattimay on Houzz

Designchallenged On Houzz Testimonial

Great idea book, and so appropriate as the “boomers” age and there is more demand for better-lit homes. Thank you!

— DesignChallenged on Houzz