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This young couple bought a home in the popular #riverdale neighborhood in #cornwallontario and one of the first things on their list was gutting the basement bathroom because it was, well, pretty fugly. They reached out to us to re-design this basement bathroom into one that was more functional for their needs. Behold this new and improved #betterbathroom!

Sheridan Interiors, Modern Basement Bathroom

Dated, tired, and used, with sketchy carpet and a malfunctioning toilet were all words used to describe this vintage ’50’s basement powder room.


What I initially thought were vintage ‘retro’ ceramic tiles, which to be honest got me a little excited, turned out to be plastic tiles! Ah yes the 50’s – the era of plastic everything haha.

The other glaring issue with the existing layout was that the door to the bathroom, when opened, had a direct view of the family room….brrr #bad idea!


A New Bathroom Design

Armed with their wish list I set out to design a new larger bathroom, with a shower, and all the modern amenities for today’s living. The clients also have two larger ‘fur babies’ and they were also considered when planning and designing the shower space as this is where they would be bathed. The plan was to locate the shower door so Mom or Dad could keep them in the shower space ie: no escaping haha.

After Floor Plan

With a new layout and plans approved, demolition completed, and construction underway, one of the first tasks was to relocate the drains for the new shower, toilet, and sink. As we opened up the concrete floor we discovered that the main drain was the original clay pipe, that yep you guessed it – was leaking into the sub-soil.

Img 1653
Old leaking clay pipe removed

The job screeched to a halt as we had to get engineers, plumbers, and the city involved to approve the new drain system. That set us back about 2 weeks or so. Once permits, approvals, and subsequent inspections were completed, construction was able to restart.

Img 2072
Framing progressing
Img 2073
New shower space and water-proofing progressing nicely

It’s always a great feeling when the ORANGE starts to appear. Progress is so sweet at this stage. The waterproofing system for the shower is almost done, the framing and plumbing are complete and we’re moving on to electrical rough-in and drywall.


Img 2141
More progress – electrical, and drywall complete


I always specify zero-entry showers or curbless showers, whenever possible, on all our projects for many reasons;

  1. Makes a small space feel bigger without that visually intrusive 4″ curb – no trip hazard
  2. Makes it easy to continue a heated floor system into the shower space – cue toasty toes
  3. Adds a high-end luxury moment to a bathroom – yes please
  4. Allows your home the flexibility to transition with you at different ages – definite bonus
  5. and lastly in this case, easier for pups to get in and out of the shower 😊


1 3
Curbless shower complete


When designing the bathroom, I had to deal with a support column that was just in the wrong spot, and could not move based on the span between the existing columns. I had to address it but now I had this odd box in the corner of my newly designed bathroom….ugh!!

While I love being challenged by these types of dilemmas, and as the saying goes; If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em, that’s what I did. I decided to ‘celebrate’ this corner obstacle and turn it into a focal point by designing modern floating shelves that contour it. The shelves are another design ‘moment’, add additional open storage and display space, and create an opportunity to tuck in a plant. #biophilia
One that thrives in low light, and also helps to clean the air. #motherinlawtongue plant

6 1

And there you have it! A fantastic transformation of a dated powder room into a new, functional, gorgeous, and modern full 3-piece bathroom!

Can’t even tell you how happy we are with the bathroom, it’s night and day to what it was before 😅 The bar is also working well (already finished a keg…)
-Kathryn & Ryan / Cornwall, Ont.

Moir B4after End Graphic 4.3 1

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  • Melodee Forbes
    | 19 January 2024

    This before and after teal bathroom makeover is STUNNING! I love how you still used color but did it in such a classy, elegant way!!

    • Anne-Marie Brunet
      | 19 January 2024

      Melodee thank you for taking the time to share your joy and kind words about our project. It was great to dip our toes into some colour again!!

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